About Me - Gregory Grafik-Design

Gregory Anthony Zagkos – Grafik-Designer
Gregory Anthony Zagkos – Grafik-Designer

Gregory Anthony Zagkos

Creative mind and Graphic designer

Like you can see above, my full name is Gregory Anthony Zagkos, I live in Berne in Switzerland and I am a swiss graphic-designer.

I am a very thoughtful person with a passion for aesthetics in every way.

Where I Come From

My greek father, Konstantinos Zagkos, was a very multitalented man and he did a lot in his Lifetime. His primary job was working as a Pilot of Olympic Airways (GR). He faded when I was 13. I was raised by my swiss Mother Caroline in Leukerbad in Switzerland (VS). My mother is a very caring, emotional, passionate and grateful woman, and works as an hotel manageress in my grandfathers hotel for several years.

My Skills:

Adobe Photoshop +++
Adobe Illustrator +++
Adobe InDesign +++
Free and Technical Illustration +++
Vector-Graphics +++
Image Editing +++
Image retouching +++
Adobe After-Effects + (flat Animation)
Social Media design ++
WordPress ++
CSS ++


To this point I had made more and more experience of how to design efficiently and I could improve my Skills quite good. But I am pretty sure and happy that there is always more to learn! In this Year I could design 3 more ready-Magazines for which apropos I also took the pictures in the interviews with the swiss celebrities on page two and three.

In Winter 2016 the EXTRAMET AG came to p.i.n.k.elefant for redesigning their appearance. I did not do the CD, but I could set up the website-design, and also filled in the content in three languages. The whole project was terminated by the end of March, where EXTRAMET published their new Corporate Design.


In 2015 p.i.n.k.elefant did lots of new stuff and – still on the journey of self-discovery – the company began to concentrate on consulting and advising. In that year the delia association was (re)born. It is a project and a vision of Cordelia Hagi, You can find out more about it on www.delia.ch. Among other things I was responsible for the corporate design and the online appearance.

In the end of the year p.i.n.k.elefant launched the first edition from the ready.-Magazine. It was a mixture of finding a solution for our customer and creating something that leads women through their diet (serious diets). Of course there were some other factors involved with that. I was responsible the corporate design and also the designing of the brochure. The Magazine comes with lots of sales, tokens and many other interesting offers.


So I was there for one year and in the meantime I evolved as an important part of the company. I helped setting up a new Corporate Design and made it look better in social media and online presence. I made a lot of intern adjustments in design, feel and look, and I was on hand with help and advice in aesthetic regard. Of course I also was involved in customers Projects. For example I could redesign the appearance like Logo, letter-templates and other stationery of Bischofberger AG.


I successfully got my degree in graphic-design and I had no Idea what to do after I packed all my things back home. I started jobbing at CD-Design in Visp, a company where they do foliation on nearly every flat-surfaced object you can find.

All of a sudden everything got really fast and I immediately got a job in Berne at p.i.n.k.elefant gmbh. The company was and still is in a changing process, which is why I started as kind of a trainee (I was the only one in the company with knowledge of all the programs and details). After the first year I got the regular Job.


I always was a thinking person, always looking at the details and feeling really hard to make decisions because of my own critics. So after a lot of trying, searching and guessing I wanted to do, I decided to visit a graphic-design school in Germany for three years. These where some really formative years, I learned a lot, and it wasn’t only about Designing. It was a very teaching time of my life.