Facing Phase's Faces - Gregory Grafik-Design

Facing Phase’s Faces

A spontanious flower drawing, 25x25cm

A drawing with fineliner in my 25x25cm Sketchbook. This took me some time, but it was worth it!

When you cover one of the two half sides, you can see it clearly:

The left side of the Face is laughing so hard, he has got a tear in his eye. It is the bright side which shines bright light into the darkness.
On the other hand, you see on the dark side on the right. It shines darkness and evilness into the brightness.
The tear in the bright side also shows a little despair of what it feels like to have opposite emotions at the same time.

This picture was actually inspired by myself, and unfortunately, like every man’s face I draw btw., it looks a little similar to my father and even more to his father, who I never met in person.