« ready.-Magazin » by p.i.n.k.elefant - Gregory Grafik-Design

« ready.-Magazin » by p.i.n.k.elefant

The work was managed by p.i.n.k.elefant gmbh.

«ready.» is a swiss lifestyle-magazine launched with the premium partner xl-s medical.

The Brochure comes every 2 – 3 Months in a new edition. The ready.-Magazine, wich has a circulation of 20’000 pieces per edition, always contains new Interviews and lots of contributions about health, exercising and diet. The Magazine comes with lots of sales, tokens and many other interesting offers for everyone!
Since the launch of the first ready.-Magazine, I was responsible for the whole Corporate Design and also the Designing of every single Brochure. In addition I am also in charge of the website-design for the Domain www.ready.fit.

read the brochure online now:
ready. N°1
ready. N°2
ready. N°3

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I am responsible for the full Corporate Design:

  • Logo Design
  • Bruchure
  • Flyers
  • Website-design http://ready.fit